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About us

Experiencing under various concerns for nearly 10 years in the field of interiors and construction, Keeping this experience as my strength i had started the firm Tscale Constructions and Interiors to deliver excellence in design and execution to my client. We emphasize individualized service to meet each client’s particular growth,operational,budgetary and scheduled requirements.

We help you to allocate your resources in a way that maximizes the design impact without breaking your budgets. We are dedicated to give our clients the best design and the work executed with quality in time. With an emphasis on clear communications and personalized service of our team offers you solutions tat are realistic,creative and lasting


Our firm undergoes estimating and cost control and assumes an obligation for working within agreed budgets. Since cost is ultimately determined by the market, we have an ongoing procedure for keeping up with current market trends, labour supply and product development.

All major components and systems are located and the budgets is prepared according to the ambience required for the desired uses of the premises. We execute the work in such away that the budget of the project will not elevate more than the allocation. We have a full team experienced and well equipped to execute the work under control.


We set a schedule by first discussing with the clients and then work backwards from the occupancy date. We also allocate some buffer time while allocating the schedule. We stick to time at any cost putting extra people and effort time to complete the project satisfactory.


  • Space site selection
  • Evaluation of existing items
  • Cost comparison and cost analysis